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Litigation PR

It is a media driven world. We are swamped with not only hundreds of TV channels and print publications but also digital and social media platforms which do 24-hour reporting. So when news of a legal dispute breaks on media it goes a long way, often accompanied by speculation, rumours, and half-truths. That is why law suits very often sully image of the involved individuals and companies.

Similarly, when law enforcement and investigating agencies raid a company or individual, rumour mills start spinning and a media trial begins which damages the reputation within no time.

What can be done in such a situation? The first thing required is to have a specialised public relations agency in place which will work out a comprehensive, effective litigation communication plan to correct the misleading public discourse and mitigate the damages and there is no agency better than Compage Consulting in litigation PR as it is managed by professionals who are in this domain from more than 15 years and have effectively handled numerous high profile Corporate law suits, family disputes, tribunal matters and federal  investigations and understand the court proceedings & its functioning whether it’s a Tribunals, Lower court, High Court or Supreme Court. The team at helm ensures that the right narrative gets presented in the most compelling way, which enables us to create communication strategies that are optimized for win

Compage Consulting has on its rolls a number of experienced PR professionals and former journalists who will understand your specific requirements and ensure an incisive and effective communication strategy to not only protect your reputation but enhance it as well. Before writing articles, press releases or comments, our writers will sit with your legal team to understand intricacies and grasp various aspects of the litigation so that your case is clearly and effectively presented to the stakeholders including media.

When, due to a legal dispute, your brand comes under public scrutiny, Compage Consulting not only effectively manages media relations; it also strategically engages the general public via social media to ensure dissemination of your side of the story. In the case of listed companies, it is all the more important to keep away from negative publicity as that leads to plummeting of their stocks and market capitalization. Customers and business associates of such companies also desert them and their products.

Area of Expertise

Corporates and their executives often get caught in allegations of financial frauds, money laundering, and other irregularities. Even before such cases are decided in the court of law, people start believing that the involved companies or individual officials have done something wrong. Thus, in the court of public opinion the alleged persons and the company are declared guilty, causing substantial damage to reputation. 

Compage Consulting has extensive experience in handling reputation of individuals and businesses, including high-profile ones, facing white-collar crime charges. Our multidisciplinary team is well trained in working out a coherent and consistent communication strategy to manage the media, specially social media which is alive 24X7. 

We also have expertise in managing media in disputes involving cyber crimes, securities issues, intellectual property, etc.   

Just the threat of a government investigation or enforcement action can trigger negative headlines. The individuals and organisations facing such charges need to immediate tackle media as any delay allows speculations and false news spread far and wide sullying reputations substantially. Compage Consulting has a sound communications protocol to control the narrative in the midst of a sensitive investigation to keep your side of the story in the public sphere. 

As the investigation unfolds and hitherto unknown information is brought in the public domain, media increases its interest in the case. That’s the time organisations are required to be ready to face tough questions. Having dealt with many such situations, we are fully equipped to develop a playbook and prepare you for all stages of enforcement action and investigation. We will hand-hold you to navigate media scrutiny without letting any damage come to your image. 

Companies facing insolvency or restructuring need to have a well-thought-out communication strategy as a wide range of stakeholders – employees, suppliers, regulators, customers, shareholders, and money markets – require correct and reliable information consistently without delay. 

Since insolvency is a complicated and nuanced process, companies also need to manage media scrutiny carefully. Compage Consulting has functioned as the first and the last port of call for journalists during the insolvency and restructuring of several organisations and it is always ready to help organisations go through the delicate process without getting hurt.

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